No One is Thinking About You, So Stop Giving a F@*k

“A man stretching out his two hands with careless written on them in black and white” by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash
Mind Grapes - Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)
Mind Grapes - Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)

The Fallacy of ‘Friends’

I know what’s going through your head right now…”How can you say that? I have tons of friends and followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, [and whatever other social media platforms people are spending their time on]! Plenty of people care about me! Look how many likes and shares I get!”.

Check Your Source

“It’s For Your Own Good”

The truth is that most people are risk averse; therefore, when you come up with an innovative or unconventional idea or pursuit, through their ‘feedback’ they may be trying to simply protect you from a presumed inevitable failure. AirBnB is a perfect example of an idea that, ten years ago, most of us would have said would never take off. Who in their right mind would let perfect strangers come stay in their home or rent out a room? A whole lot of them (including many, if not most, of you dear readers), it seems. Even now, many of us would probably select a stranger’s home to staying in an established hotel brand room on our next vacation.

Create Team: You

Here’s the deal: If you want to have a space where you can share your dreams and ideas with others in order to receive constructive, actionable feedback and criticism (vs. naysayer negativity and doubt), form what Napoleon Hill calls a “Master Mind”. At its core, this group of individuals should be people whom you admire and respect, have knowledge of or resources available to aide in your particular pursuit, and who are genuinely interested and supportive of your desires to succeed.

  • Listen to your inner dream[build]er
  • Change the channel on the negative feedback (be it from yourself or others who do NOT have your best interest in mind)
  • Create a team of like-minded, knowledgeable, and supportive success collaborators

Founder of Painted Porch Strategies, where we help individuals and businesses Design a Blueprint for Eudaimonia (aka “the Good Life”) through Stoicism.

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