Hi Horst. Thank you for taking the time to read my piece, as well as for providing a response. I do appreciate the feedback, whether we agree or not.

While the title is a bit provocative, the core message I hoped to get across was that you should try to filter your critiques — real or assumed — when it comes to taking a “risk” or exploring a new idea or endeavor.

We’re all guilty of sometimes abandoning something that could potentially benefit us, just for the sake of adherring to an image or expectation we’ve allowed others to place on us. Is that really who we are? What we want to do/be? Or can we be willing to spend more of our energy and time focused on that which may be best for us? This is not being selfish, but more thoughtful. Those who want us to become our best selves will never try to hold us back from realizing our true self.

Founder of Painted Porch Strategies, where we help individuals and businesses Design a Blueprint for Eudaimonia (aka “the Good Life”) through Stoicism.

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