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How to effectively rise ‘Up’, identify and control unnecessary distractions in order to get things done

One of my favorite characters in Disney▪Pixar’s movie, “Up”, is the dog, Dug. He is a loveable, enthusiastic member of the team, eager to help in any way he can. …

Mastering the Power of Perspective

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When many of us hear the word “conflict we may tense up, begin to sweat, start to put on our mental (or physical) battle armor, or look for the closest exit to get as far away from it as possible.

However, the reality is that conflict, when it’s healthy, productive…

How Uber ruined the single-point rating system…and how we can get back to “Good”.

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Prior to the last, say, 3 years or so, when searching for and assigning ratings to services or products online, there was a universal understanding of the scale, weight, and reliability of a 3-star vs. 5-star rating. Now, I feel, this is no longer true. And I blame Uber. Well…

How Welcoming Criticism Can Lead to Meaningful Improvement


Feedback sessions. 360 Reviews. Net Promoter Scores. One on Ones. When you read those words, what emotions or responses are bubbling up in your mind (or your gut)? Is it Fear? Anxiety? Anger? How about Elation?

I’m sure that, for most of you, that last one made you laugh out…

“A man stretching out his two hands with careless written on them in black and white” by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

How many times has this scene occurred in your life:

You stumble upon a great [idea, job, mate, car, event, whatever]. You’re totally psyched about it and can’t wait to take the next step. But then, somewhere in the back of your mind (or out of the mouth of a…

Amy Yackowski

Founder of Painted Porch Strategies, where we help individuals and businesses Design a Blueprint for Eudaimonia (aka “the Good Life”) through Stoicism.

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